Summer Camp

Wonder World School


Summer Camp

Wonder World School


Summer Camp

Wonder World School


Летний лагерь школы Мир Чудес "ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ В МИР ТАНЦА"

- $240 за неделю С 9:00am до 3:00pm.

- $290 за неделю С 9:00am до 5:00pm

- ЛЕТНИЙ ЛАГЕРЬ "ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ В МИР ТАНЦА" Развлекательно-Образовательная Программа для детей ОТ 7-ДО 11 ЛЕТ

- Мы постараемся сделать нашу программу интересной и разнообразной.

- Если у Вас есть вопросы, пишите, звоните schoolwonderworld@gmail.com (404)702-6468 Светлана / (770)945-7043 Марина

- Address: 4120 Chattahoochee Trace, Duluth Ga 30097

Учебный год подходит к концу, и нам хотелось бы поподробнее рассказать вам о лагере:
Общая тема лагеря - ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ по ПЛАНЕТАМ , каждая неделя - новая планета!
Заключительная неделя - отчетный концерт "Ты - звезда"


Тогда слушайте дальше:

- Неделя 1 - Космическое Путешествие

- Неделя 2 - Планета Красок

- Неделя 3 - Космические Пираты

- Неделя 4 - Планета Сказок

- Неделя 5 - Планета Изобретений

- Неделя 6 - Звездный Дождь

- Неделя 7 - Планета Музыки

- Неделя 8 - Планета Будущего

- Неделя 9 - заключительная неделя нашего путешествия шоу талантов ТЫ-ЗВЕЗДА


To Wonder World School

Wonder World School is an extracurricular program consisting of a multitude of wonderful classes for children in the Metro Atlanta area. Classes such as arts, crafts, dance, music, language, robotics, computer programming, mathematics, chess, and drama are just some of the classes we have available! What makes us unique are our affordable costs, specialized teachers, and passion for providing cultural adventures for unique minds.


What Wonder World School Offers

Let Us to Take Care Of Your Child

We have a class for everyone to enjoy! Whether your child is artistic, interested in music, tech savvy, theatrical, or academically inclined, there is a class(es) suited for their needs and interests. All classes participate in an end of year festival where they demonstrate their acquired skills to friends, family, and loved ones!


Individual Approach To Education

Wonder World School administration and staff aspire to develop new skills and perfect existing talents in children of all ages through the provision of specially designed programs and classes. Skills learned at Wonder World School pass on to future endeavors taken up by our students. What is learned here will help them with their academic school studies, interactions with peers, future careers, and family/home life. Respect, integrity, honesty, and wholesome values are demonstrated, encouraged, and engrained in the foundation of all the classes we offer. It takes a village to raise children into well rounded adults and we are excited to contribute to their growth and knowledge. Sign your child up for success!

Our Team

We Have a Highly Professional Team of Teachers

We have excellent and certified teachers who are dedicated to the program and have built such meaningful rapport with the participating children. We hope you too join our amazing group where life long friendships are made and students are able to develop new skills, perfect existing talents, and grow into respectful and productive citizens as they enter into adulthood. It takes a village to raise littler ones to be successful and well-rounded adults.