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Wonder World School is an extracurricular program consisting of a multitude of wonderful classes for children in the Metro Atlanta area. Classes such as arts, crafts, dance, music, language, robotics, computer programming, mathematics, chess, and drama are just some of the classes we have available! What makes us unique are our affordable costs, specialized teachers, and passion for providing cultural adventures for unique minds.

Individual Approach to Education!

Wonder World School administration and staff aspire to develop new skills and perfect existing talents in children of all ages through the provision of specially designed programs and classes. Each instructor is certified in their area of expertise and demonstrates exceptional strategy when working with a diverse student body. We understand that each student comes from a unique background, has a distinct personality, and individual talents each of which play a role in how said student learns, responds to feedback, and demonstrates progress. We have had the pleasure of educating many of our students throughout their entire childhood and have witnessed the tremendous growth not only in their course of study, but also in their communicative, social, and cognitive skills. Skills learned at Wonder World School pass on to future endeavors taken up by our students. What is learned here will help them with their academic school studies, interactions with peers, future careers, and family/home life. Respect, integrity, honesty, and wholesome values are demonstrated, encouraged, and engrained in the foundation of all the classes we offer. It takes a village to raise children into well rounded adults and we are excited to contribute to their growth and knowledge. Sign your child up for success!